Jayne Huskisson

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RAF Sea King at Rhosneigr

Print JHPA35 31cm x 17cm

Oystercatcher at Rhosneigr

Limited Edition Print JHPLA7 17cm x 17cm

Trearddur Bay

Print JHPA38 31cm x 7.4cm

The Lifeboat Kiwi at Moelfre

Limited Edition Print JHPLA14 31cm x 17cm


Print JHPA36 31cm x 13cm


Print JHPA37 31cm x 7.4cm

The Lifeboat Annette Mary Liddington at Beaumaris

Limited Edition Print JHPLA12 17cm x 17cm

The Lifeboat Annette Mary Liddington at Penmon

Limited Edition Print JHPLA13 17cm x 17cm

The Lifeboats Hereford Endeavour and Clive & Imelda Rawlins at Trearddur Bay

Limited Edition Print JHPLA11 17cm x 17cm


Print JHPA32 31cm x 7.4cm

Bangor Pier to Beaumaris

Print JHPA34 31cm x 11.6cm

Beaumaris West End

Print JHPA27 31cm x 9.4cm

St Cwyfan's Church in the Sea

Print JHPA29 31cm x 17cm

Tyn Town, Porth Nobla

Print JHPA28 31cm x 17cm

Sails at Trearddur Bay

Print JHPA30 31cm x 15.1cm

RNLB "Kiwi" and RNLB "Robert & Violet", Moelfre

Print JHPA31 31cm x 15.1cm

"Christopher Pearce" at the Skerries

Limited Edition Print JHPLA6 17cm x 17cm

Caernarfon Castle in its Walls

Beaumaris Castle in its Walls

Harlech Castle in its Walls

Conwy Castle in its Walls

Limited Edition Print of all 4 North Wales Castles in their Walls JHPLO7 11.4cm x 32cm

Ffestiniog Railway

Print JHPA29 31cm x 17cm

Padarn Lake Railway

Print JHPA29 31cm x 17cm

Snowdon Mountain Railway

Print JHPA29 31cm x 17cm


Print JHPA28 31cm x 17cm

Britain's Smallest House, Conwy

Print JHPNW11 31cm x 22.6cm

Conwy Quay

Print JHPNW7 31cm x 12cm

Conwy Harbour

Print JHPNW12 31cm x 22.6cm


Print JHPNW8 31cm x 15.1cm

Porthmadog Harbour

Print JHPNW10 31cm x 22.6cm


Print JHPNW9 31cm x 15.1cm

Harrison Drive, Rhosneigr

Print JHPA4 31cm x 11.6cm

Beaumaris Reflection from the Pier

Print JHPA15 31cm x 11.6cm

Cemaes Bay

Print JHPA19 31cm x 7.4cm

Amlwch Port

Print JHPA20 31cm x 17cm

RNLB Christopher Pearce, Holyhead

Print JHPA7 31cm x 17cm

Tall Ships at Holyhead Marina

Print JHPA9 31cm x 15.1cm

RAF Seaking and RNLB Robert & Violet, Moelfre

Print JHPA8 23.6cm x 30cm

Coastal Birds at Anglesey Lighthouses

Limited Edition Print JHPLO6(150) 17cm x 17cm


Print JHPNW1 23.6cm x 30cm

Bangor Pier

Print JHPA21 31cm x 15.1cm

Plas Newydd National Trust

Print JHPA24 31cm x 13.2cm

Bridge House at Menai Bridge

Print JHPA17 31cm x 22.6cm

Lifeboat at Moelfre

Print JHPA6 31cm x 15.1cm

Red Wharf Bay

Print JHPA12 31cm x 12cm


Print JHPA13 31cm x 15.1cm

Church in the Sea


Beach Terrace, Rhosneigr

Print JHPA5 31cm x 9.4cm

Rhosneigr Surfers

Print JHPA3 31cm x 13.2cm

Rhosneigr Reflection

Print JHPA2 31cm x 7.4cm

Rhosneigr Houses

Print JHPA2 31cm x 7.4cm

Trearddur Bay towards Holyhead Mountain

Print JHPA11 31cm x 13.2cm

Trearddur Bay

Print JHPA10 31cm x 13.2cm

Llanddwyn Island


Llanddwyn Island




Beaumaris Pier

Print JHPA16 18cm x 30cm

Llandudno Pier

Print JHPNW4 31cm x 22.6cm

Llandudno Promenade

Print JHPNW3 31cm x 11.6cm

Caernarfon Castle


Conwy Castle

Print JHPNW6 31cm x 15.1cm

The lighthouse on South Stack island, Holyhead (Ynys Lawd, Caergybi), completed in 1809.  There are breathtaking views from the north-west coast of Holy Island across the Irish Sea.  The visiting wildlife, both on land and at sea, and the natural environment is ever-changing.

Original Silk Painting 39cm x 22cm approx
The Britannia Bridge (Pont Britannia), linking Anglesey with North Wales over the Menai Straits.  The world's first tubular wrought-iron bridge, built in 1850 as a rail bridge and rebuilt as a two-tier road/rail steel truss arch bridge following a devastating fire in 1970.

Original Silk Painting 38cm x 27cm approx
The Menai Suspension Bridge (Pont Grog y Borth).  Designed by Thomas Telford and opened in 1826, the Menai Bridge was the final link in the London to Holyhead road, linking the town of Porthaethwy (now also known as Menai Bridge), Anglesey with mainland Britain over the treacherous Menai Straits.

Original Silk Painting 29cm x 29cm approx
Llynnon Mill (Melin Llynnon), Llanddeusant.  Built in 1775 and now the only working windmill in Wales, Llynnon Mill is the centrepiece of an agricultural museum, producing stoneground wholemeal flour using organic wheat.

Original Silk Painting 36cm x 28cm approx

and with a contemporary twist . . .

The lighthouse on South Stack island, Holyhead
(Ynys Lawd, Caergybi).

Original Silk Painting 19cm x 19cm approx

The Britannia Bridge
(Pont Britannia).

Original Silk Painting 19cm x 19cm approx

The Menai Suspension Bridge
(Pont Grog y Borth, Porthaethwy).

Original Silk Painting 19cm x 19cm approx

Llynnon Mill (Melin Llynnon),

Original Silk Painting 19cm x 19cm approx

more Anglesey views . . .

Moelfre Four Mile Bridge Beaumaris Castle Aberffraw
Sails at Rhosneigr Penmon    
Original Silk Paintings 19cm x 19cm approx


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